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Insurance for Dentists

Professional Liability Insurance for Dentists

Fortress Insurance Company


Every dentist must have professional liability insurance designed to cover exposures resulting from claims related to professional services rendered or that someone feels should have been rendered.


The River Agency represents Fortress Insurance Company, a business exclusively focused on serving the dental community. Fortress Insurance Company is dedicated to dentists. The company was founded by dentists and only insures dentists. Their strategy is two-fold: protection and defense. The result is comprehensive, competitive professional liability coverage that puts the dentist first, along with legal resources to defend you vigorously and effectively in the event of a claim, and valuable risk management education to aid in prevention.

Business Owner's Policy

The Hanover Insurance Group


A business owner’s policy (BOP) or commercial package policy from The Hanover Insurance Group provides dental practices with protection against additional types of risks, including accidents, property damage, loss of income and more.


The River Agency professionals can work with you to develop a Hanover Insurance solution tailored to fit your practice needs, including solutions for property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, workers compensation, employee benefits liability, loss of income and extra expense, data breach and commercial auto insurance. Don't settle for any off-the-shelf policy. Talk with the experts who can customize your coverage so that it's tailor-made for your dental office.

Group Personal Excess Policy for Dentists

The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies


Today more than ever it is important to carry higher limits of personal liability coverage. In the event of a serious loss, your auto, homeowners and watercraft policies may not provide enough protection. A personal excess or "umbrella policy" will provide an additional layer of liability protection over and above your primary homeowners, auto and watercraft policies.


The River Agency offers a group personal excess policy, which provides that additional layer of protection with some extra benefits, including greatly reduced price, no individual underwriting and additional coverage not available through an individual personal excess policy. Limits up to $25 million of excess coverage and $5 million of uninsured and underinsured motorist protection are available.  You benefit by getting great coverage at an affordable price. 

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