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Professional Liability Insurance for Dentists



Choose Fortress With Confidence


Fortress is a nationwide provider of Professional Liability Insurance for general dentists and dental specialties. They are owned and operated by dentists, and only insure dentists. Dentists also comprise much of the Board of Directors, and the entire national Advisory Board, so they know firsthand how to protect your reputation and future. Their dedication to dentistry has led them to develop a winning strategy that is twofold: protection and defense.


Through a comprehensive risk management program, Fortress educates insureds about risk management techniques that enhance patient care and help reduce liability exposure. Fortress courses, available through both live and on-line seminars, offer you the opportunity to earn CE credits and a renewable 10% premium credit that applies to three policy periods.


Nearly 14,000 dentists nationwide have selected Fortress as their Professional Liability carrier to protect their most valuable asset, their reputation. Fortress is truly dedicated to dentistry and rated "A (Excellent)" by A.M. Best. Visit them on the web at



Policy Types


Fortress offers Claims-Made and Occurrence policies.* If you are presently insured under a claims-made policy, Fortress will consider prior-acts protection to avoid the added expense of a reporting endorsement "tail coverage."



Policy Features


Fortress policy holders enjoy Consent to Settle**, interest-free payments, online credit card payments, risk management benefits and exclusive Personal Excess Umbrella Coverage. New dentists can take advantage of the New to Practice Plan** offering a $50 discount for First Year Claims Made policies or a $100 discount for First Year Occurrence policies.



Risk Management Benefits


Complete the "Risk Management Strategies to Reduce Dental Liability" course and receive a 10% Fortress policy premium credit for 3 consecutive policy periods, as well as 3 CE credits. Complimentary e-Learning Center risk management courses, Informed Consent forms, informative case studies and the DDS Guardian newsletter help Fortress insureds reduce their professional liability risk.



* Please contact The River Agency for availability and limits in your area.

**Available in most states.



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