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Professional Liability Insurance for OMS



Choose OMSNIC With Confidence


For over 25 years OMSNIC has exclusively insured the OMS community. OMSNIC is owned by OMS and insures over 80% of all OMS nation-wide. The company is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best and is exclusively endorsed by AAOMS. For more information, visit them on the web at


OMSNIC will protect your OMS practice using three components: the OMSGuard™ Professional Liability Policy, Claims Defense, and the OMSGuard Risk Management Program. OMSGuard is overseen by practicing OMS who fill key roles at OMSNIC as directors and advisors. We only insure OMS. To span the arc of your OMS career, the OMSGuard Professional Liability Policy offers flexibility to fit unique practice situations, while providing comprehensive coverage.


Important features include consent to settle and free tail coverage. For new to practice OMS, pricing is reduced for the first four years of practice. For the seasoned OMS, an appropriate range of policy limits and options are available, including reduced pricing for part time practices. Discounts are available for participating in the OMSGuard Risk Management Program.



OMSGuard™ Policy Features


Your OMSGuard Personal Liability policy includes cyber liability coverage, group personal umbrella coverage, tail coverage and a variety of risk management benefits. Should a claim be made against you, the OMSGuard Claims Committee offers peer claims review. OMSGuard defense attorneys receive specialized clinical training in OMS claims, which makes them uniquely effective as powerful advocates. Ask us about OMSNIC New to Practice, Loss Free and Risk Management discounts.



The OMSCap™ Plan - An Investment in the Future


OMSCap™ is OMSNIC’s member-only investment plan, comprised of OMSNIC Common and Preferred Stock, owned by each of the member OMS. The OMSCap Preferred Stock purchase each OMS makes upon joining OMSNIC is a capital contribution that entitles you to your share of OMSNIC retained profits upon retirement. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, ownership in the OMSCap Plan continues to be very rewarding for our shareholders, as well as a valuable retirement benefit.



Risk Management Benefits


The subject matter experts at OMSNIC are uniquely qualified to offer unmatched risk management products and services to OMS. Complete the online "OMSGuard Risk Management Course" and receive a 5% OMSNIC policy premium credit for 3 consecutive policy periods, as well as 4 CE credits. Complimentary e-Learning Center risk management courses, Informed Consent forms, informative case studies and the OMS Guardian newsletter help OMSNIC insureds reduce their professional liability risk.




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